Tally Placer Gold Prospect:

This claim block (on placer map 115C07) consists of nine placer claims that are on the lower Fortymile River near the historic Forty Mile town site. A small section of this lower bench has been tested through shafting, drilling, and panning resulting in significant placer gold being found. Bedrock is 15.5 ft. deep where shafted.

This bench is mostly frozen and has road access.

On the bench is a large steamer and windlass that dates back to 1896, with shafts and gold bearing tailings.



300 metres of drilling and two shafts dug to bedrock with 10 ft. plus drifts to evaluate a 1000 ft. section of gravel bench from the Fortymile River.

A camp is being set up as a base for shafting and drilling, further drilling and exploration work. Testing and sluicing of the gravels would be done in the spring and over summers. Permission to mine has been granted by Yukon and Federal agencies and water license has been approved.