This claim block (on placer map 116C07) consists of thirty-one placer claims that are on a low level terrace of the Fortymile River and on approximately one km. of Mickey Creek. Mining permits and a ten year water license and mining permit has been granted on this property. A portion of this group of claims has been successfully tested for gold content by shafts, by excavator and with auger drills.

Claim P48715 includes a gravel pit adjacent to the Clinton Rd. It contains thawed ground with water and placer gold. Bedrock is about 12 to 15 ft. in depth. Approximately 20 ft. of overburden and gravel has been removed since the 1960s to build and maintain the Clinton Rd. and nearby Clinton Creek town site.

On both sides of the thawed gravel pit is a terrace of mostly frozen ground approximately 7,000 feet in length. Adjacent to the pit is a section that has been stripped of the first layer of overburden in preparation for bulk testing. Some stripping and thawing has been done in preparation for mining.


Placer gold has been discovered through drilling, shafting, trenching and panning in the Mickey Creek Valley, and in the upper bench approximately 600 ft. above the valley floor. The most encouraging prospects are being currently evaluated.


Gravel pit and adjacent bench: A bulk test, in the gravel pit, of a minimum 1000 cu. yds. should be done. Equipment required is an excavator, trommel or sluice box, pumps and a suction dredge, which would be used to clean the bedrock to ensure complete gold recovery. The ground is already cleared and thawing begun to be ready to test and mine. The top layer has been set aside for reclamation work.

Stripping overburden on the adjacent bench should be continued as the ground thaws in preparation for bulk testing. This test would determine the values of gold that could be extracted from that section of the bench.

300 to 500 metres of 6" auger drilling across grids in the areas with permafrost on the bench should be completed; one section adjacent to the gravel pit; another grid approximately 1500 ft. down

Mickey Creek Valley: Proposed is a drill program of 200 metres on a grid across and up the valley to determine placer gold values and to identify pay streaks. Follow up excavation and trenching where drilling has discovered gold values.

Mickey Creek Upper Bench: Proposed are 100 metres of trenching and 300 metres of auger drilling to test the gold values into the white channel gravels.